How to Compete in the Real Estate Investing Space w/John Carney

To be successful in the real estate investment space, we have to build teams that can withstand competition. Who should we be including in our teams, and why is it vital to find a mentor? Should we be shying away from competition or embracing it?

On this episode, author and host of The Real Estate Locker Room Podcast, John Carney shares how to compete in the real estate investing space.

Capture competition by being creative and perfecting little things.John Carney

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3 Things We Learned From John Carney

  • Build a strong team. As leaders, we simply can’t do everything ourselves – we have to surround ourselves with people who are better than us at specific activities.
  • The most successful people typically tend to be the most humble, so drop the ego at the door and look for mentors to assist every step of the way.
  • Embrace competition. Instead of seeing competitors as a threat, we should take the opportunity to improve our own products and see how they compare.
  • At the start of this episode, we discussed the importance of building effective teams. After explaining why entrepreneurs should know a little about a lot of things, instead of a lot about too few things- we spoke about which positions we need to fill on our teams first.

We also discussed:

  • The importance of creative responses to competition
  • How to follow up with clients more effectively
  • Why we need to focus on perfecting little details

John Carney is a real estate entrepreneur, author, speaker and podcast host. He is highly respected in the real estate investing space, thanks to his impressive track record in the US, Australia and Indonesia. His international success has led to his popularity as a sought-after international keynote speaker. John is the host of The Real Estate Locker Room Podcast.

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