How to Protect Yourself as a Private Lender w/Keith Baker

Private lending is one of the most effective ways to generate wealth – but it does present some risks, so we need to ensure we protect ourselves. Is it ever a good idea to agree to a loan without paperwork? Who should we be lending to, and should we always evaluate our current financial position before making a deal?

On this episode, host of the Private Lender Podcast, Keith Baker shares how we can protect ourselves as private lenders.

In a down market, when money is tight, real estate investors need to know how to do two things: creative deal structuring, and private lending. Gary Boomershine

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3 Things We Learned From Keith Baker

  • Don’t loan anything until paperwork has been signed. Paperwork protects us, and should be drawn up by licensed professionals – we should never try doing this ourselves.
  • Work with people who have skin in the game. Our borrowers should have at least 10% of their own cash in the deal.
  • Avoid taking on second positions. The risk skyrockets with these investments, so wherever possible, stick to first position loans.

On this episode, we discussed the importance of visiting investment properties before agreeing to lend money. We also spoke about why we need to be careful of who we offer loans to, and cautioned against working with friends.

We also discussed:

  • That we need to be willing to accept lower percent points for peace of mind
  • The importance of insuring our investments and the investment properties themselves
  • How to structure a first and second position

Guest Bio- 

Keith Baker is the co-founder of Asset REI, LLC, and the host of the Private Lender Podcast. After learning many lessons the hard way throughout his career in construction and real estate, Keith is passionate about teaching his listeners about the benefits of private lending done the right way. 

To find out more about Keith and to listen to his podcast, head to


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