Team Spotlight – Dave DuBois

Dave’s worked for multiple start-ups, and spent 10 years working for a Fortune 500 company before venturing out and bootstrapping his own business. Dave is adept at understanding business needs and how to effectively apply technical solutions for optimum results.

We had the pleasure of speaking with David DuBois,’s Director of Products and Services today.

David, whose friends call him Dave, considers himself a technical guy. Having written his first computer program in the 6th grade, we understand why. With a diverse background in technology, program management, and engineering, Dave is responsible for everything product related at This includes what the development team is working on, such as new features that will be added, as well as new products in the design stage.

I’m responsible for the timely and high-quality delivery of products and services. I manage the development, services, and VA teams, and provide technical support for our phone team.

David DuBois

Dave brings more than 25 years of experience to, including a diverse background in technology, program management, and engineering. He’s worked for multiple start-ups, and spent 10 years working for a Fortune 500 company before venturing out and bootstrapping his own business. 

Building The Highest Quality Products

With Dave’s adept understanding of business needs and technical solutions, he recognizes the value that our products and services bring to our members. It’s not about filling a need. It’s about having the best product to provide optimum results.

I want us to have the best product in the industry. Not just solve ‘some’ needs. Dave Dubois shares about his work at 

For Dave, a quality product is always top-of-mind. After starting each day with a cup of coffee—and then more coffee—he focuses on the type of product members need to be successful in their real estate business. He has led out many of the positive changes to our existing product offerings since he joined a few years ago. These enhancements continue to improve our products and increase customer satisfaction.

People talk about marketing. And how you market to succeed, and there’s definitely some truth to that… But (to me) the most successful marketing is marketing combined with high-quality products and services… because they feed off each other. We have that here at

What Sets Our CRM Apart From Others?

For starters, the technology was built by real estate investors for real estate investors. Understanding the unique needs investors have gives us the insight to build a product for our members that we also use. After all, we are investors too. 

When asked about competitive CRM systems, Dave tells us not all CRM’s are the same. And not all have the same degree of flexibility or the customization options that ours has. It’s what sets apart and ahead of our competition. Here’s more on what Dave shared about this: 

What we do really, really well is integration. We have integrated phone support and integration with multiple other products on the market that investors use. We do integration better than most and we are really flexible. We have a lot of customization options to allow people to customize our CRM to match their personalized processes. This is something that a lot of platforms on the market don’t offer today.

While most companies that offer CRM’s to real estate investors offer only products, offers both products and services. As such, we can help members by aggressively meeting their needs wherever they are, according to Dave. That includes growing with them as their business grows.

With our managed services and direct mail capabilities, we can provide integrated campaigns for our members that other platforms on the market today cannot.

Having an integrated campaign management and follow up system that real estate investors can pair with other systems they might be using is something we excel at. And if a real estate investor wants to save even more time, our system can do almost anything that other programs do without even needing outside software or system add ons. That coupled with our unparalleled reporting is a huge bonus for real estate investors.  Dave shares. 

Helping Real Estate Investors Grow…

As Dave puts it, real estate investing and our platform isn’t for everyone…

Some real estate investors launch their real estate investment business and find that it’s not the business for them. Or they only commit to investing as a part-time source of revenue generation, never planning on making it their full-time business. 

In this case, they can still benefit from our platform of products and service, but they might not geek out about how awesome our platform is, or utilize it to it’s best capabilities like a serious real estate investor would. 

By serious real estate investor, we mean investors who are in this for the long haul and who plan to build a flourishing real estate business. Dave elaborates on this more here:

If the business is simple, it doesn’t matter which CRM you use. But if you want to start growing and scaling your business, you’re going to need to use different tools to market to sellers and buyers. At that point, you’ll want something that has more tools, more integration within the program, and more functionality overall. Basically, you want something that grows with your business as you grow it. That’s where we excel here at With a wide suite of offerings for any real estate entrepreneur, we offer a one-stop-shop for all of our members’ needs from the day they open their business to the day they hit that 7-figure milestone.

To get the most out of any of our products and services, investors must be committed to the process. We have the tools investors need to achieve great success, but if you are not actively participating, you will not be as successful as those who do. After all, this is not transactional sales. It is based on relationships. It’s relationship selling.

A Platform Built Around Our Member’s Needs.

We’re always working on improving our system and adding features that are highly requested by our members. That’s one of my favorite things about working here… We listen to our members and we actually work on implementing features and ideas that they’re highly interested in.

Dave is currently working on new, as well as small functionality. He’s putting an emphasis on both enhancing existing products as well as new designs to continue to provide tools that are important to members.

Dave’s Favorite Thing About Working With Us…

Dave tells us he loves helping people fulfill their dreams and build their lives the way they want to live. He also likes being part of something bigger than himself.

I love building a company and building products that help people. I get excited seeing our members achieve their dreams of entrepreneurship – Dave Dubois, Director of Products and Services at shares.

Where does Dave see himself in five years? 

Building the next big real estate product, of course! I don’t know what that is, but I want to build it.

Getting To Know Dave On A Personal Level

Dave lives in Northern California with his two sons. 

Even though Dave calls himself “old-ish,” he still enjoys playing indoor soccer.

It’s fun to move around and get the competitive juices flowing. He shares.

Besides enjoying a friendly game of soccer now and again, Dave is a published author, having released his first novel earlier this year. You can find his sci-fi novel, Escape from Earth 1, on We understand he is currently penning book two in his series as well.

We will be sure to look for it soon, Dave!

An Inside Look At Finding Success As A Real Estate Investor.

While we had Dave on the phone, we asked him for any insights he might have into real estate investing and succeeding as a real estate entrepreneur. His feedback was spot on. Keep reading to learn more about what he’s seen working and not working in today’s market…

Adapting A CEO Mindset.

Dave has worked with so many of our flourishing investors, and since he’s helped build our analytical reports for our investors, he’s had the ability to gain great insight into what it takes to achieve success using our platform of products and services. 

Here’s what he has to share: 

Our services are ideally suited for people who are serious about real estate investing and growing their business. This doesn’t mean they have to be advanced investors. We’ve had real estate investors launch their businesses from scratch by using our products and services. What it takes to find success is having a CEO mindset. This means being committed to avoiding the DIY trap, and willing to hire the right people so they can exit basic operations. This frees up time to close more deals and scale higher and faster…

If You’re A Serious Real Estate Investor Ready To Scale…

Dave is spot on about adopting a CEO mindset being the key to finding success in real estate investing. Time and time again, we’ve heard the success stories of the investors who finally delegated their processes out and reaped the reward of exponential growth because of it. In fact, our member highlights section on our website is filled with these types of stories. 

Dave elaborates more on what’s important when building a strong business: 

I see so many people worried about their processes and data. This is important, but not so much when they need to be in high growth mode. The most successful members with us, realize we have that covered for them. They focus on knowing their market, building relationships, and continually scaling to the next level.

Finding Success Through Helping You Achieve Success.

That’s exactly what we help investors do here at We only succeed if you succeed, and to help you succeed, you must be willing to delegate these basic processes out so you can spend your time where it matters most. 

We love helping real estate entrepreneurs change their businesses and their lives. We want to help you achieve this same success in your business. We invite you to peruse through additional articles on our website, and to check out the offerings we offer here at

Lastly… We want to send a big “thank you” to Dave DuBois! Thanks for allowing us to interview you and spotlight you as one of our valued team members here at We’re lucky to have you as part of our team! 

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